A Rough Start To The Weekend

Well. It’s the weekend. Can’t be that bad right? Well… It can be. Not only am I suffering through a pretty crappy cold right now, but this morning the focusing mechanism on my Leica M (262) just died. Yes you heard that right. When turning the barrel of the lens, you’d hear a slight click, at which point you would physically see the focusing patch shutter. When this first happened it scared the living daylights out of me. Luckily I happened to be in the store that I purchased the camera from, trying out a 50mm lens. The guys took a look at the camera and thought maybe there was some grit or something within the focusing lever.

I thought “Thank god, maybe something nice and quick to fix”. Then the bad news came. The lever kept getting stuck more and more. To the point where you could turn the barrel of the lens, the patch would move and half way through the focusing range it would just stop. The lens kept rotating, but the patch wouldn’t. So…. the verdict? Off to Leica Wetzlar it goes. She’s still under warranty which is great, I just hope it doesn’t take 9 months to get her back.

BUT, even though this was a horrible experience to deal with. It reminds me that a good camera shop means everything. Not only are the guys here at Conns Cameras, in Dublin, going to expedite the camera to Leica Germany. But they provided me with a loaner that I’m free to use until whenever Leica gets around to fixing my camera. I can’t think of one retailer in Canada that would provide that type of service for one of their clients.

So. For the time being. I’ll be missing my Leica M (262) and playing around with a Leica M-P. Here’s hoping for a quick fix and return.

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