Dominic Remane is a Visual Effects Supervisor for a Toronto based Visual Effects studio. His recent work includes a second Emmy nomination for the Visual Effects Supervision on History Channels hit Television Series Vikings.

A graduate of the Art Institute of Burnaby, Dominic studied Lighting, Photography and Digital Visual Effects.

Dominic’s true passion for photography developed in the streets of Toronto. His style uses B&W film for daytime which affords the gritty look he prefers and Motion Picture Film for night allowing his cinematic eye and traditional training to unfold in his images.

He prefers photographing with film and finds Kodak Tri-X and T-Max 400 pushed to 1600 or 3200 ISO provides the grainy look he’s after in his street photography. Dominic also spools his own Motion Picture film into 24 and 36 exposure rolls and primarily uses Kodak 5230 500T which gives him the classic cinematic look without the heavy contrast of some of the more modern Vision3 films.

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