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It’s been an interesting few months. Those that follow my site, along with my Travelogues, know that I’ve been absent. And also scarce on Twitter and Instagram. Although Instagram has been getting a little more love.

There is a reason for my absence. I needed a break. I was spending too much time worrying about the site, social media, and what to post next. There are more important things in my life that I want to focus on than this hobby. I’m not saying I’m abandoning this blog, it just means I’m not focusing on it every day.

There are more posts coming soon. More Travelogues will be recorded. I just don’t know when. Right now I’m focusing on spending the summer with my family. I will continue to post images more frequently on Instagram versus this blog. But the more interesting images will be posted here. I appreciate all those that visit the site and read / listen to the posts. It means a lot that you enjoy them.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. More updates coming soon.

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