Update: Assignment A Week

Alright. I think I need to re-name the Assignment A Week project. I’ve tried my hardest to produce one project a week, but due to my crazy schedule I honestly can’t achieve it. I’m still going to continue producing assignments for myself, they’re just gonna be trickling out at a slower pace due to my schedule. If I get spurts of time, I’ll produce more. I was really hoping this would work out, but unfortunately my day job takes priority

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Assignment A Week #4 – Shoot Into the Light

This weeks assignment is all about shooting into the light. Go out for a walk, be it a whole day or just an hour for your lunch, and aim your lens in the direction of the sun. It’s a tricky exercise as you need to find that perfect balance between your highlights and shadows. Making sure you don’t clip or clamp either. I prefer to shoot in dense urban environments as the light reflects off the buildings, which tend to

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Assignment A Week #3 – Pick a Location, Shoot it

I’m delayed by a week for this current assignment. Work was just too hectic to give me the opportunity to go out and shoot. Regardless for the third assignment I decided to pick a location, spend one hour shooting, and post three photos. I shot all the images this week on Kodak Vision3 5219 500T Cinema film. Since I was indoors I opted to leave it tungsten balanced, which I kind of regret not adding the warming filter as the

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Assignment A Week #2: Shoot Something Different

Alright. I wanted to try something different for the second assignment. I normally shoot street and some documentary work. Be it protests or personal projects. The assignment I gave myself was to try something new. Be it landscape, macro, portrait work etc. I chose to try out Landscape. I tried shooting landscape when I first started photography years ago and felt I wasn’t very good at it nor did I have much patience for it. I don’t feel like any

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Assignment A Week #1: Go Wide, Very Wide

Note: Click on the image to see more work. Well. It’s time to post my first assignment. I’ve been getting too comfortable when it comes to my street photography. Getting farther and farther from my subject and straying away from my 28mm and shooting more with the 50mm. I felt lazy. So I decided to push myself to the opposite spectrum. Ultra-wide. So here’s the assignment I gave myself: Shoot a Roll of film (24 / 36), or shoot 24

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Assignment A Week

I’ve written about trying to do assignments before on my blog and nothing came of it. I can blame being busy or a hundred other excuses but really there aren’t any. So I’ve decided to finally start, well a week and a half ago when I arrived back from Dublin. Here’s the goal: Shoot an Assignment A Week. The idea has to take me out of my comfort zone. Needs to challenge me. Each assignment needs a theme. The Assignment

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I purchased “The Photographers Playbook” just before my trip to Dublin earlier this year. I’m still no where near finishing the book but have managed to mark up a ton of interesting assignments, or projects, I’d like to try out. Now that I’m settled back in Toronto and don’t need to be jet setting around the globe, at least not for a while, I’m aiming to try some of these projects. I’ll be posting the assignment name, photographer who wrote

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A New Photography Project?

I wrote a mini-essay on my main portfolio site about this image, along with others, and how I’m thinking of developing this into a larger project. Ireland was hit hard during the recession and you can see the scars all around Dublin as well as the country side. Abandoned service stations, businesses, and even whole housing communities. In the essay I said I would document not only Ireland but other countries including my own, but now a week later I

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25 in 25

I like this image. I shot this while on location shooting Vikings Season 3 and it’s one of the only images that I can show as it doesn’t disclose anything thats happening story wise. It’s just me pointing the lens straight up at the sun through some trees. How boring, yet interesting to me. Regardless this image is not the point of this post. I’m stagnating a bit photographically and I’m looking to challenge myself with a little project in

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Rob Ford Protest

I shot these images about a month ago during the height of the Rob Ford scandal. 250 protester’s came out during their lunch hour to speak their mind and attempt to have Rob Ford listen to reason and step down. Unfortunately, as some protests go, most of the people their had different agendas and factions of people were protesting issues other than the one at hand. Regardless I’m pretty happy with the results. As always feel free to comment below.

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