Shifting Focus

I feel like many Street Photographers have a tendency to shift focus at some point within their “photographic” career / hobby to something different. They don’t abandon street photography altogether but shift their focus to something more meaningful to them. You see this happen with photojournalist as well. Many of them spend their time documenting political issues, wars, etc and do some sort of photography on the side that allows them to decompress. Be it street, landscape, or portraiture. I

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Back to Normal… Hopefully

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while. Not because I don’t have images to display, simply I’ve had zero time. With traveling for work, life on set and the craziness of my normal days I just haven’t had any time. Hopefully that changes now and I should be able to start posting images from Dublin, Chicago, London and more from Toronto. I have a huge backlog, tons of rolls yet to develop and three on-going projects that I may

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Experimenting With Filters

It’s always good to try new things, otherwise you’ll stagnate. My brain has been telling me lately to try and experiment with my photography. Try something new. I was browsing a photographer and DP’s work on Instagram (Wanderingdp) and noticed he was using a diopter on some of his work to give it a dreamy or surreal look. Something DP’s experiment with from time to time and I have some experience with diopters and funky filters from our DP on

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Leica Q… Tempting…

So… the Leica Q was announced late last week. Since then I’ve read a multitude of reviews purely out of curiosity. Most of the reviews read as marketing fluff pieces except for one. And that’s Ming Thein’s review. In which he raved about the camera but was honest with its faults and limitations. So it had me thinking. Since I primarily use a 28mm on both my M9 and my M7, is it worth picking up the Leica Q? Then

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Back to WordPress

I left WordPress half a year ago as I was sick and tired of the slowdowns the site was experiencing. This is more than likely my fault due to all the legacy images I had from when I started the blog years ago. I migrated most of the important posts and some of the recent ones to Ghost, hoping the system would provide A much more fluid experience for myself along with people who view this site. Although I truly

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Film Archiving

I don’t rave to much about products I purchase but I’ve been hunting forever for a good archiving system for my negatives. Since no-one seems to be talking about how to store your negatives properly, or I haven’t found any good links, I figured I would write a quick blurb down. I normally store my negatives in standard binders and purchase the Print-File hole punched sleeves. Unfortunately I’ve been noticing that the sleeves are starting to curl and bend inside

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Light Leaks

These things happen! and I’ve had this happen a couple of times in the past. Once when I was in Cuba I forgot to re-wind the film before opening the bottom of the camera, and the other in Dublin. These are some of the issues we deal with as film photographers. Screwing up our shots just as we finished shooting a roll, and more than likely loosing some good shots in the process. But none of this bothers me. I

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Goodbye Tumblr

I’m done with Tumblr. I’ve been slowly purging social networks. In the past I’ve gotten rid of Facebook, Eyeem, and others I’ve already forgotten about. A few days ago I purged Tumblr. Honestly what was the point of it for me? I was just reposting what I was posting here. For what a duplicate of my site? Nah. I’m down to 2 social networks. Twitter were I’ll dump links to posts and respond to peoples questions about film and my

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A New Site, A New Direction

My first post on my blog was made on March 15, 2012. More than 2 1/2 years ago I started this blog as a personal site to display my images on a day to day basis. Since then my photography has evolved. I continued to post regularly until earlier this year when I realized I wasn’t posting for myself anymore. I was throwing up images for the sake of it and it wasn’t doing me any good. When I traveled

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I’m Done With Labs

I took a roll of C-41 B&W film to a lab to get processed today because I was impatient. I normally develop my own colour and B&W film. Because I was out of C-41 chemicals, and didn’t feel like waiting for my B&H order to come through, I ran to the lab. And this is what I got! (This is the least scratched frame) This image isn’t particularly great but the scratches and dust are what piss me off. It’s

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