Disqus Failure

I want to apologize to anyone who may have gotten pummeled with comments recently from my site. Disqus had a massive failure I’ve been trying to rectify since I’ve migrated my blog from WordPress to Ghost. Unfortunately every attempt at manually repathing comments have failed under the Disqus settings. I’ve also had more people email me questions than post via disqus because of their hatred for the system.

I’ve setup Livefyre instead and I’m hoping it’s more successful. I’ve unfortunately had to manually post all the fractured comments to Livefyre as I’m too worried about any migration problems that may arise. I haven’t posted all the comments from Disqus just from two main posts.

How-To Develop Motion Picture Film & Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/1.4 Review as these are the only comments people will benefit from.

Sorry again and hopefully Livefyre doesn’t disappoint as much as Disqus does. Feel free to post a comment if you prefer or dislike the new comment system.


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