Film Archiving

I don’t rave to much about products I purchase but I’ve been hunting forever for a good archiving system for my negatives. Since no-one seems to be talking about how to store your negatives properly, or I haven’t found any good links, I figured I would write a quick blurb down. I normally store my negatives in standard binders and purchase the Print-File hole punched sleeves. Unfortunately I’ve been noticing that the sleeves are starting to curl and bend inside the binder for some reason.


I decided that the binders had to be replaced and I would need to keep them stored within a proper archival box. I recently purchased some film from B&H and decided to pickup 2 of these Lineco Museum Archival Boxes and I’m glad I did. The box is incredibly sturdy and feels like it can house your negatives with ease and security.


The ones I purchased are larger than the standard hole punched Print-File sleeves as I had 100 sleeves of the non-hole punched version. These tend to be larger than the standard 8.5×11 so purchasing the 9.5×12 was a good choice and they sit in their comfortably.


If you’re looking for a good way to store your negatives I highly recommend these boxes. Feel free to comment below and let me know you store your negatives.

PS. Sorry for the crappy photos. They were shot on my phone.


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