Migrating From Soundcloud to TapeWrite

So as some of you may have seen, I’ve recently migrated my Travelogue and Audiolog casts to TapeWrite. Soundcloud is a great service and I think it’s done it’s part to help upcoming podcasters, musicians and documentary photographers tell their stories. I enjoyed using it. But I felt the service was lacking something specifically that I required. That was the ability to show slides, images, etc or how TapeWrite put’s it “Cards”.

I follow a lot of podcasts online. Some of them are straight up journalistic shows and others are more complicated in their nature, such as the WanderingDP podcast and Shifter.Media‘s podcasts. Now, Soundcloud works amazingly well when it comes to your straight forward “Radio show”. Plus there are many other services out there that provide a similar end product. You can use Bluberry on WordPress, if you feel like having complete control over the content you produce. But when it comes to podcasts that are trying to explain a given methodology, idea, or image, it becomes difficult to follow along with the audio and the images provided. Audiences tend to just skim through the visual content and then spend their time listening to what the provider is trying to say.


Take Patrick O’Sullivan’s podcast called “The Wandering DP Podcast“. It’s a great show where he conducts interviews, explains his methodologies on lighting scenes, and provides behind the scenes images. A podcast such as this, I feel, would benefit greatly from a system like TapeWrite.


As he goes along with his explanations he can alternate between his sketches and images, and show the content just when the audience is supposed to absorb it. No longer would someone need to sift through the images and audio multiple times to get the point. Or worse reference the wrong image during the podcast.


Another great example is Daniel Milnor’s Shifter.Media podcasts. The cards can come in handy during his interviews to showcase specific content just as its being mentioned. Say a link to a book, images from that said book, behind the scenes images during the interview, or even displaying his images from his “Leica File” podcast without needing to spend his time editing a video.

All these reasons are why I decided to go with TapeWrite for my Travelogues. My audience, as small as it is, can see the images I’m describing as I’m describing them. See the locations I’m working in while I’m discussing them. And best of all turn the whole audio experience into a visual one at the same time without having to get into generating video content. Plain and simple. The best part is they can always come back, jump to a specific card and re-listen to the audio that references that card.

So Kodus to the wonderful team at TapeWrite for creating a system that allows me to produce content easily, efficiently and quickly. Those that know me, know my time is limited, and allowing me to create something in the limited time I have, without headaches, is amazing.

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think of TapeWrite.


4 comments: On Migrating From Soundcloud to TapeWrite

  • Hi Dominic !
    I really love your travelogs, it’s like… I just want to do that when I’m travel !
    I was thinking about TapeWrite this afternoon, and I’m 100% with you when you say “And best of all turn the whole audio experience into a visual one at the same time without having to get into generating video content.”.
    I prefer audio than video, but sometimes, I want just one pic, one link, one draw, something clear and simple, and TapeWrite do the work well for that !
    I love NY, and I just want to go one more time see the Big Apple because of you 😉

    • Thank you very much Jonathan. I’m pleased to hear you enjoy the Travelogues. I’m happy to hear your interested in TapeWrite. Please let me know if you end up posting anything. I would love to listen to what you have to say. Especially your next trip to NY! 🙂


  • Dom,

    Great looking piece. When I get a free second I want to explore this. Great job and thank you for including me.

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