Nuit Blanche 2014

Last year I attended Nuit Blanche here in Toronto for the first time. Even though I’ve lived in this city for the last 8 years I’ve always been too busy to attend. I decided to give it another shot, even though last year was a bit of a disappointment. This year was even more of a disappointment except for a large dance parade that went down Yonge street and up Bay street. Most of the images are from that particular event since the most interesting characters were in the crowd.


The big disappointment for me is it feels like Nuit Blanche is just about getting drunk and goofing off. Less about the art. Whatever art installations are around feel like half baked ideas that haven’t quite been taken to completion, leaving most people wondering, “what exactly am I looking at?”. Hopefully next year will take a turn for the better. If not, I won’t be bothering to attend it anymore.


On another note I decided to try using the flash with the M9 while shooting at night. I normally don’t use flash, especially at night, but it was still enjoyable to try out. Still not decided if I like the look yet. On a side note I seemed to be getting some issues with the SF-20 when using it on the M9. It would fire once, then the next 2 shutter presses would not trigger the flash. Never had this problem with the M6 & M7 but seem to be getting a problem with the M9. If anyone has any info on this please share it.

All images were photographed with the Leica M9 + Canon 50mm f/1.4 LTM + Leica SF-20 Flash.



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