Travelogue: On Set

Last week I mentioned how the most rewarding images I’ve taken have been the images I shot on set. I also discussed how the images I’ve shot are not permitted to see the light of day. That still true. So why am I showing you an image I shot on set during season 4? Well it’s because there is nothing in the images that grounds it or ties it to any specific plot point, actor, set, and so on and

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Hitchcock Moment

I photographed this back in early September when I was back in Dublin filming Vikings Season 3. We were filming offset days and wrapping around 9pm. Right before the sun set all these birds would take off and start murmurating. Is that even a word? I know murmuration is. It felt like a Hitchcock moment. This wasn’t even a one time occurance. We were filming in this location over 3 days and the same thing happened on each day! Weird.

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I was looking through my photos from Madrid a couple days ago and found the image above. When I originally saw this image last year I thought “meh” nothing special or important. But for some reason it’s catching my eye now. Maybe it’s the off center Symmetry of the wall with the signs mirrored on both sides. I can’t seem to put my finger on it exactly but I like it now. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the

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