Gah! Sometimes shooting from the hip is good when you want to be quick and achieve a specific angle. Sometimes you manage to get the shot your looking for. And other times you fail like I did above! I love the look on the womans face but the composition is obviously a fail. If only I had tilted down a touch more I think I would have gotten the shot I was looking for in my mind. -Dominic Soho, NYC

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Hollow Eyes

I took this photograph back in September when I was wandering the streets of Dublin. I saw someone careening towards me on a bike, weaving through pedestrians and yelling at the top of his lungs. Just as he blew past me I snapped this photo. Compositionally it’s nothing special. He’s positioned to far to the right edge of frame, and the shutter was too slow. BUT I like the fact that he’s completely smeared. When I look at his face

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Service Station

I’ve been sitting on these images for a while now. Letting them perk, to see if they interest me months later. I shot these back in September when I was in Ireland filming Vikings Season 3. One of the weekends I had free I took a trip to Northern Ireland to see The Giant’s Causeway. On my way there I drove through Cloughmills, on the A26, and saw this service station, pub and motel completely abandoned. I pulled over on

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Hitchcock Moment

I photographed this back in early September when I was back in Dublin filming Vikings Season 3. We were filming offset days and wrapping around 9pm. Right before the sun set all these birds would take off and start murmurating. Is that even a word? I know murmuration is. It felt like a Hitchcock moment. This wasn’t even a one time occurance. We were filming in this location over 3 days and the same thing happened on each day! Weird.

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Photographing in Albufeira, Portugal

Man is this post late or what. I was in Albufeira, Portugal in June of 2014. Almost 6 months late! But I guess thats what you get when you’re working all summer long on set and then have a crazy schedule when you get back home. The only reason I went to Albufeira was because of the wife. I was reluctant at first as it’s a resort town and I wanted to spend any free time I had in a

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Shapes and Shadows in L.A.

I’ve written about my interest in photographing shapes and shadows in the past and after my trip to LA, in August, I feel the project is starting to slowly take shape. Not all these images will be keepers in the final project but their images none the less that will inspire me to take more based on this theme. As I’ve grown as a photographer I feel like having assignments and projects help motivate me to continue to do what

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Urban Practice

One day on my way to the train I saw this guy practicing outside the TD Centre building in the late evening. I was floored with what he could do on his bike. I snapped a few pictures and stood around to watch. I was expecting security to run out and chase him away but oddly they were standing inside watching with the same amazed look I had on my face. Toronto, Canada (August 2014) Leica M7 + Leica 90mm

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Light Leaks

These things happen! and I’ve had this happen a couple of times in the past. Once when I was in Cuba I forgot to re-wind the film before opening the bottom of the camera, and the other in Dublin. These are some of the issues we deal with as film photographers. Screwing up our shots just as we finished shooting a roll, and more than likely loosing some good shots in the process. But none of this bothers me. I

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