Shifting Focus

I feel like many Street Photographers have a tendency to shift focus at some point within their “photographic” career / hobby to something different. They don’t abandon street photography altogether but shift their focus to something more meaningful to them. You see this happen with photojournalist as well. Many of them spend their time documenting political issues, wars, etc and do some sort of photography on the side that allows them to decompress. Be it street, landscape, or portraiture. I

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I purchased “The Photographers Playbook” just before my trip to Dublin earlier this year. I’m still no where near finishing the book but have managed to mark up a ton of interesting assignments, or projects, I’d like to try out. Now that I’m settled back in Toronto and don’t need to be jet setting around the globe, at least not for a while, I’m aiming to try some of these projects. I’ll be posting the assignment name, photographer who wrote

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A New Site, A New Direction

My first post on my blog was made on March 15, 2012. More than 2 1/2 years ago I started this blog as a personal site to display my images on a day to day basis. Since then my photography has evolved. I continued to post regularly until earlier this year when I realized I wasn’t posting for myself anymore. I was throwing up images for the sake of it and it wasn’t doing me any good. When I traveled

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