Irish Water Protest Pt. 2

Back in September, Dublin residents were protesting the installation of water meters and the formation of Irish Water. During that time the protests themselves were quite small. Around a 100 people or so at times. When I arrived back in Dublin a couple weeks ago I stumbled upon a protest in the city center. To my surprise I saw at least a couple thousand people, if not more, chanting about burning their bills and the un-willingness to pay Irish Water.

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Irish Water Protest

While I was in Dublin for work in September, I was hearing a lot of people concerned about water meters being instated in households. To my surprise I had no idea that residents of Ireland did not pay for their water services, here in Canada we pay for all our water consumption. One of the weekends I was wandering around the city I stumbled upon a protest near the city center. What was unclear to me was why so many

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Rob Ford Protest

I shot these images about a month ago during the height of the Rob Ford scandal. 250 protester’s came out during their lunch hour to speak their mind and attempt to have Rob Ford listen to reason and step down. Unfortunately, as some protests go, most of the people their had different agendas and factions of people were protesting issues other than the one at hand. Regardless I’m pretty happy with the results. As always feel free to comment below.

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