Another Purge

A while ago I wrote about purging some social media accounts. Titled “Goodbye Tumblr”. I got rid of, obviously Tumblr, Facebook, Eyeem and at the time I was debating getting rid of Ello. Remember that social network? It’s been a bit of a weird year, since I thought at one point that going back to Flickr and Eyeem might be a good idea. But honestly, it’s just making me worry about posting on it. I keep forgetting. Then I have

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Goodbye Tumblr

I’m done with Tumblr. I’ve been slowly purging social networks. In the past I’ve gotten rid of Facebook, Eyeem, and others I’ve already forgotten about. A few days ago I purged Tumblr. Honestly what was the point of it for me? I was just reposting what I was posting here. For what a duplicate of my site? Nah. I’m down to 2 social networks. Twitter were I’ll dump links to posts and respond to peoples questions about film and my

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