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I left WordPress half a year ago as I was sick and tired of the slowdowns the site was experiencing. This is more than likely my fault due to all the legacy images I had from when I started the blog years ago. I migrated most of the important posts and some of the recent ones to Ghost, hoping the system would provide A much more fluid experience for myself along with people who view this site. Although I truly

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Film Archiving

I don’t rave to much about products I purchase but I’ve been hunting forever for a good archiving system for my negatives. Since no-one seems to be talking about how to store your negatives properly, or I haven’t found any good links, I figured I would write a quick blurb down. I normally store my negatives in standard binders and purchase the Print-File hole punched sleeves. Unfortunately I’ve been noticing that the sleeves are starting to curl and bend inside

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Disqus Failure

I want to apologize to anyone who may have gotten pummeled with comments recently from my site. Disqus had a massive failure I’ve been trying to rectify since I’ve migrated my blog from WordPress to Ghost. Unfortunately every attempt at manually repathing comments have failed under the Disqus settings. I’ve also had more people email me questions than post via disqus because of their hatred for the system. I’ve setup Livefyre instead and I’m hoping it’s more successful. I’ve unfortunately

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Photographing in Albufeira, Portugal

Man is this post late or what. I was in Albufeira, Portugal in June of 2014. Almost 6 months late! But I guess thats what you get when you’re working all summer long on set and then have a crazy schedule when you get back home. The only reason I went to Albufeira was because of the wife. I was reluctant at first as it’s a resort town and I wanted to spend any free time I had in a

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