Dutched Watermelon

I watched the couple after I snapped this photo wondering if the watermelon belonged to them. I gave up after a few minutes but they never touched it or looked at it. What was this watermelon, wrapped, doing there lopsided on the garbage can. Meh! Dublin, Ireland (June 2014) Leica M7 + Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f/2 + Ilford XP2 400

Prints for Sale

I’ve honestly been neglecting my Crated site since they started and since I uploaded my first batch of photos. I uploaded maybe 4 or 5 photos and just let them sit there. Works been too crazy and I’ve been traveling all over the place. No excuse really. Regardless I got a nice surprise on Monday morning when I woke up. Looks like someone purchased 2 prints from my Crated Store. Since there’s some interest I thought I would update the

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