Photographing in Albufeira, Portugal

Man is this post late or what. I was in Albufeira, Portugal in June of 2014. Almost 6 months late! But I guess thats what you get when you’re working all summer long on set and then have a crazy schedule when you get back home. The only reason I went to Albufeira was because of the wife. I was reluctant at first as it’s a resort town and I wanted to spend any free time I had in a

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Shapes and Shadows in L.A.

I’ve written about my interest in photographing shapes and shadows in the past and after my trip to LA, in August, I feel the project is starting to slowly take shape. Not all these images will be keepers in the final project but their images none the less that will inspire me to take more based on this theme. As I’ve grown as a photographer I feel like having assignments and projects help motivate me to continue to do what

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Cat on The Hat

I’m always amazed at what I see when wandering the streets of New York City. I’ve never seen a city so full of life. Everyone’s always expressing themselves and showing the world who they are. Toronto is a more conservative city where people tend to keep to themselves. When walking back from the office this past Monday, on my way to meet up with the wife at Macy’s, I stumbled upon this guy. With a cat on his hat. Interesting.

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