Another Purge

A while ago I wrote about purging some social media accounts. Titled “Goodbye Tumblr”. I got rid of, obviously Tumblr, Facebook, Eyeem and at the time I was debating getting rid of Ello. Remember that social network?

It’s been a bit of a weird year, since I thought at one point that going back to Flickr and Eyeem might be a good idea. But honestly, it’s just making me worry about posting on it. I keep forgetting. Then I have to sift through all my photo’s and decide what I want to post on a network I never use or check. So I’ve decided to get rid of the following:

Leica Fotopark:
Honestly I’ve posted a few photo’s on here but see no benefit for me in maintain it.

Keep forgetting to post images here, and honestly I don’t need another image posting site either than my blog and Instagram. I’ll keep it to follow some Flickr only friends, but definitely not for posting.

This one’s tricky. I kinda want to purge it as I don’t really use it that often. But some of my photo’s have been selected for editorial purposes on Getty’s website. So I might keep this.

That got purged a while ago.

Also not really sure the purpose of Medium for me. It’s not generating any additional traffic so I’m on the fence about keeping this account active.

So that’s it. It feels good to get rid of some of these accounts and hopefully won’t cause me any additional stress. Any of you decide to purge some of your social media accounts?

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