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I left WordPress half a year ago as I was sick and tired of the slowdowns the site was experiencing. This is more than likely my fault due to all the legacy images I had from when I started the blog years ago. I migrated most of the important posts and some of the recent ones to Ghost, hoping the system would provide A much more fluid experience for myself along with people who view this site.

Although I truly loved using Ghost for its use of markdown language and easy to publish system, I found it was still too young to use. My SEO ranking was dropping and Google / Bing were having issues indexing my site. Not only that there was no native commenting system built into the blogging platform. I dumped Disqus, since it caused an enormous amount of issues when indexing the new site, I switched to Livefyre. Boy was that a terrible mistake. Now switching back to WordPress, Livefyre decided to re-add all the pages into it’s system even though the paths and site titles never changed. I’ve gone through hoops with those guys trying to recover the comments on only two posts that I care about. How-To Develop Motion Picture Film and my Voigtlander Ultron 40mm f/1.4 Review. Specially the comments on the Developing Motion Picture film article as there are questions posed by viewers of this site. The rest of the comments I could care less about. When I contacted them their only response back was. “We don’t know what the issue might be but you will need to pay to have this rectified”. What? Pay because your system f&*#ed up?? Wow.

Anyways I’ll be migrating everything back to WordPress comments as I feel most users are accustomed to using it and I feel it’s the simplest and cleanest approach. Here’s to manually inputing the comments all over again. Bah!

If anyone has any suggestions in regards to migrating these comments efficiently back to WordPress let me know.


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