Rant: Don’t let others influence your lens purchases

I’ve been seeing to many articles published recently that are suggesting what lenses individuals should purchase. It’s more than likely click bate. Maybe it’s to get Amazon or B&H affiliate links. But don’t fall for the trap. Those of us shooting for a while now have gone through this bullshit.

‘Wow there’s this new ‘enter brand name here’ lens. It’s so much better and sharper than the lens from two years ago’. Of course we fall for it. And end up dropping our hard earned cash. We get it. Use it. And most of the time decide that we didn’t need it, or aren’t using it enough to justify the purchase.

Here’s a tip to those about to drop their cash on a new lens blindly. Rent it! or borrow it! From someone who has fallen for the trap before, I wish I went this route in the past and saved myself some headaches and money. It’s better to spend $100 renting a lens versus loosing hundreds in resale.


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