Experimenting With Filters

It’s always good to try new things, otherwise you’ll stagnate. My brain has been telling me lately to try and experiment with my photography. Try something new. I was browsing a photographer and DP’s work on Instagram (Wanderingdp) and noticed he was using a diopter on some of his work to give it a dreamy or surreal look. Something DP’s experiment with from time to time and I have some experience with diopters and funky filters from our DP on Vikings.


I was looking to shoot something cinematic yet something that could convey the miserable weather we were experiencing in Dublin. This year has been filled with cloudy misty days or torrential downpours. I wanted to shoot all of this on Kodak 5219 500T cinema film but opted to shoot it on the M9 since I wasn’t sure what the results would be and didn’t want to ruin rolls of film.


I ended up purchasing a set of close-up filters since getting a split diopter in Dublin was to much of an ordeal. This allowed me to slide the filter in front of the lens to shift, double up, or blur the image based on what I was focusing on in the given scene. Since I’m back in Toronto I might DIY and cut one of the filters in half to let me rotate plastic element within the filter.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the results and happy I experimented on Digital first before trying it on Film. When fall and winter come to Toronto I think it’ll be fun to continue with this idea and see where it leads.


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