I’m Done With Labs

I took a roll of C-41 B&W film to a lab to get processed today because I was impatient. I normally develop my own colour and B&W film. Because I was out of C-41 chemicals, and didn’t feel like waiting for my B&H order to come through, I ran to the lab. And this is what I got! (This is the least scratched frame)

This image isn’t particularly great but the scratches and dust are what piss me off. It’s not just one frame either, the entire roll is damaged! Why do so many labs neglect the film they’re processing? The only lab I’ve ever used that I don’t have any issues with is Conns Camera in Dublin. I’ve only ever had one frame of 20 something rolls ever scratched by them. In Toronto? Aden Camera and Toronto Image Works always give me damaged negatives back. No more, I have to learn to be patient and develop these rolls myself.

Leica M7 + Leica 90mm Summarit-M + Ilford XP2 400.

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