Leica Q… Tempting…

So… the Leica Q was announced late last week. Since then I’ve read a multitude of reviews purely out of curiosity. Most of the reviews read as marketing fluff pieces except for one. And that’s Ming Thein’s review. In which he raved about the camera but was honest with its faults and limitations. So it had me thinking. Since I primarily use a 28mm on both my M9 and my M7, is it worth picking up the Leica Q? Then looking at the price of the recently announced Leica Summilux 28mm f/1.4, which Canadian is running close to $7400 + tax. Would the Leica Q be the perfect alternative? Since the Q has a custom built sensor and fixed 28mm lens specifically built for it, would it perform close to or better than the native M mount equivalent?

I’m tempted to just trade the M9 in and purchase the Q. But part of me is screaming “DON’T DO IT!”. But another part of me thinks it’ll be refreshing to know I can’t swap lenses out.

I wish I could try the Q out for a week and put it through it’s paces on-set as well as on the street. But sadly no-one in Canada, or Ireland, rents Leica equipment and I have a feeling Leica would not ship me a tester to play with.

2 comments: On Leica Q… Tempting…

  • I would keep your M’s. Don’t swap them out for the Q. I feel like it’s a fad and you might regret your choice.

    • I’m worried about that as well. Not sure if I will enjoy using the EVF since it’s very “Through the lens” tunnel vision. I still prefer the M’s viewfinder. Nice and bright.

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