A couple stops near 617, trying to figure out where to go. A woman pops out of a doorway, cigarette in hand, curious as to what the couple was doing. She tilts her head and observes them as they figure out their next step.

It’s human nature to enjoy observing others. Photographers just capture the moment.

I’m back posting images. It’s been a while. I’ve changed my workflow. I spend very little time in Adobe Lightroom. There’s something about the package that just feels too bloated and cumbersome to use. I’ve now shifted to doing all my grading work within Davinci Resolve. Cataloging and printing, is still handled through Adobe Lightroom.

This image is old. 2012?? Can’t remember. Shot with a Sony NEX-7 and the Zeiss ZM 28mm f/2.8 in Los Angeles. A lens I miss quite a bit. Damn it was bitingly sharp. Hope you all enjoy.


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