Paris in 72h

Back in May of this year I decided to make a pit stop in Paris for 72h before flying back to Toronto. I’ve been to Paris years before with my wife and that time was reserved for doing your typical touristy stuff. Since we managed to see everything during that trip, this trip was dedicated to wandering the street and snapping pictures. I shot an equal amount this time, on film, and on the M9. This is a first for me since I tend to shoot primarily on film but I’m experimenting more with digital.


I have noticed my style changes between digital and film. For some reason I tend to get closer to the subject(s) on film, but on digital I tend to shoot the individual(s) and the scene wider.


I tend to stay away from shooting kids in general. But for some reason this girl looking into the window with light beaming on her just seared into my mind. Probably one of my favourite shots from the trip.


I enjoyed shooting in Paris quite a bit and managed to find some unique characters. The people were friendly and surprising enough really didn’t give me dirty looks for photographing them. I’d definitely make another trip in the future but for now there are plenty of other cities to visit.


Enjoy the rest of the photographs and feel free to comment below. All images shot with either the Leica M7 or Leica M9 + Leica Summicron 28mm f/2 and Kodak T-Max or Tri-X 400.








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