Rant: A Monumental Screw Up

Leica M7; Leica 18mm Super-Elmar-M; Kodak 5219 500T
Leica M7; Leica 18mm Super-Elmar-M; Kodak 5219 500T

This happens to the best of us. We shoot film. We get comfortable with how we shoot and develop. Then we forget. How long have those chemicals been sitting there? Can’t be that long. Don’t think I processed to many rolls through it. Then you take the dive. Develop two rolls and realize you screwed up! When you pull the negatives out of the tank. Queue Wah Wah sound!

This is what happened to me. Two rolls of cinema film pretty much garbage. And from the little I did see, I had at least 5 keepers. This is one of them. The only one that barely came out of the soup alive, but the colour was beyond salvageable. So here we go B&W.

Mental note, if you can’t remember how old the chem’s are. Time to make a new batch.

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