Shifting Focus

I feel like many Street Photographers have a tendency to shift focus at some point within their “photographic” career / hobby to something different. They don’t abandon street photography altogether but shift their focus to something more meaningful to them. You see this happen with photojournalist as well. Many of them spend their time documenting political issues, wars, etc and do some sort of photography on the side that allows them to decompress. Be it street, landscape, or portraiture.

I think it’s good for people not to pigeon hole themselves into one specific genre. I enjoy street photography but find that your “typical” in your face photography is growing tiresome for me. I enjoyed spending my lunches and free time roaming the streets and taking photographs of people. I still do when travelling, as I enjoy loosing myself in the urban jungle, then somehow finding my way out. This tends to be how I find interesting people and places to photograph. But when I’m home, in Toronto, I need a project to work on. Something to drive my focus. Most of them are personal or documentary based as I have a huge interest in working on a long form narrative.

I’ve taken a step back in the last few months. You’ll start to see periods of increased posting and times of quiet. These times are when my focus is on one of these projects. At some point, when they’re ready, I’ll share them on my Portfolio site.

What’s your opinion. Do you feel like you need a change with your personal photography?

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