Travel Journal: New York (Day 2)

Saturday was my photography day as my wife likes to put it. Walk her to the closest shopping area, map out her stores, then carry on. So my first instinct was to head straight down to Chinatown and Little Italy. These are always locations I have to hit when I’m in New York. There’s just so much chaos and activity there.

I did make one pit stop on my way down at Dashwood Books to pick up a copy of Daido Moriyama’s Dog and Mesh Tights. Great book and happy to have gotten a signed copy. His books are extremely hard to find in Toronto.

Throughout the day I had the 18mm lens mounted on the M9 permanently, and to my surprise?, I never felt like I needed to mount the 28mm or 50mm. Oddly enough I’m enjoying the images from the 18mm more than any other lens I’ve used in the past year, or maybe ever?. More on this in a later post.

I spent a little bit of time in Soho and then migrated my way up to Midtown near Rockefeller Centre. I had ambitious dreams to attempt a few projects while I was here but that didn’t pan out the way I expected. But besides that I feel like I managed to get some keepers today, one’s that will have to get printed large.


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