UPDATE: Howto Develop Motion Picture Film

I’ve been experimenting with development temperatures for Kodak Vision3 films lately. My original write-up, found here, was using the standard C-41 development temperatures which worked well for Kodak 5230 500T. Kodak 5230 inherently has a lower contrast and saturation value compared to the newer Vision3 films. Vision3 films tend to mimic digital contrast and colour saturation, which doesn’t lend well to the development times for C-41. In my opinion.

Over the weekend I developed a couple batches at 35C and 30C. I found the 30C development more appealing for Vision3 films. I’m going to continue experimenting with different temperatures, and once I’ve found the closest look to Log-C, I’ll post my findings. Click on the image above to see the Ungraded and Graded version of the image. I feel like it’s going in the right direction.


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