Update: Kodak 5222

I’m struggling. I’ve been shooting Kodak 5222 almost non-stop since I got it. And I honestly love it. It’s producing striking black and white images with great contrast. I honestly no longer feel the need to throw a red filter on my lens. BUT… I’m having a hard time with processing the film. I’ve shot it at 200 ASA and 400ASA. I’ve processed it according to multiple sources at the recommended times… and… I’m over-exposed. I started lowering the development times from 6 minutes to 5:30 and now I’m at 5 minutes. Still over-exposed, but specifically in the highlights.

Either my meter has gone to shit or I’m screwing something up during processing. I’m not saying the images are completely un-usable. No. There’s plenty of latitude, but not in the highlights. Or maybe it’s the film. Maybe I just don’t have that much highlight latitude compared to Kodak Tri-X or T-Max.

I’m planning on process one more roll… one more test at 4:45 and see where I get. Once I’ve ironed it out I’ll post a detailed report on my blog. If you have experience using the film let me know if I’m going crazy or whether you’ve experienced similar results.


2 comments: On Update: Kodak 5222

  • If you solve this, let me know. I was looking at shooting 5222 but for the cost it seems like it’s not substantially better than HP5+ for example. I’ve found that HP5+ has buckets of latitude and responds to underdeveloping really nicely.

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