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Assignment A Week #3 – Pick a Location, Shoot it


I’m delayed by a week for this current assignment. Work was just too hectic to give me the opportunity to go out and shoot. Regardless for the third assignment I decided to pick a location, spend one hour shooting, and post three photos. I shot all the images this week on Kodak Vision3 5219 500T Cinema film. Since I was indoors I opted to leave it tungsten balanced, which I kind of regret not adding the warming filter as

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Travel Journal: Ireland


My last stint in Ireland, for the year, finished about a month ago. Its taken this long to sink in. Last stint. Could it be the final stint? Out of all the years I’ve spent in Ireland only this year has it hit me when I departed the country. Over the years Ireland has become a second home to me. The people I’ve worked with along with the friends I’ve made have in a way become like family to

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Assignment A Week #2: Shoot Something Different


Alright. I wanted to try something different for the second assignment. I normally shoot street and some documentary work. Be it protests or personal projects. The assignment I gave myself was to try something new. Be it landscape, macro, portrait work etc. I chose to try out Landscape. I tried shooting landscape when I first started photography years ago and felt I wasn’t very good at it nor did I have much patience for it. I don’t feel like

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On The Street: Instability


Just as I started recording this, A 20-something girl started to berate this gentleman playing the piano. A part of me wanted to stop recording and snap a photo but I chose not to because of the girls inherent instability. It’s always interesting what you can catch on the street. -Dominic

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Assignment A Week #1: Go Wide, Very Wide

Looking Up

Note: Click on the image to see more work. Well. It’s time to post my first assignment. I’ve been getting too comfortable when it comes to my street photography. Getting farther and farther from my subject and straying away from my 28mm and shooting more with the 50mm. I felt lazy. So I decided to push myself to the opposite spectrum. Ultra-wide. So here’s the assignment I gave myself: Shoot a Roll of film (24 / 36), or shoot

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Assignment A Week

I’ve written about trying to do assignments before on my blog and nothing came of it. I can blame being busy or a hundred other excuses but really there aren’t any. So I’ve decided to finally start, well a week and a half ago when I arrived back from Dublin. Here’s the goal: Shoot an Assignment A Week. The idea has to take me out of my comfort zone. Needs to challenge me. Each assignment needs a theme. The

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Reliving A Moment

Chicago (2015)
Leica M9; Leica Summilux 50mm f/1.4 Pre-ASPH (III)

Even months after my trip to Chicago I can still hear the band playing whenever I look at this photo. Relax’s me to be honest. I feel like I need to be capturing more pictures that spark a memory to me versus something random happening on the street. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy shooting street but it’s always good to re-live a moment in time. -Dominic

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Political Revolution?


This sign caught my eye when I walked by it on Sunday. I’ve gotten obsessed with photographing rally’s and protests. Some are successful and I walk away with the story along with some great photos. Other times its a complete flop show and not a single image is worthwhile. Some successful, in my opinion, protests that I’ve photographed were the Rob Ford Protest and the Irish Water Protests. Part 1 & Part 2 Oddly enough this rally is just

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Shifting Focus


I feel like many Street Photographers have a tendency to shift focus at some point within their “photographic” career / hobby to something different. They don’t abandon street photography altogether but shift their focus to something more meaningful to them. You see this happen with photojournalist as well. Many of them spend their time documenting political issues, wars, etc and do some sort of photography on the side that allows them to decompress. Be it street, landscape, or portraiture.

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