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Shifting Focus


I feel like many Street Photographers have a tendency to shift focus at some point within their “photographic” career / hobby to something different. They don’t abandon street photography altogether but shift their focus to something more meaningful to them. You see this happen with photojournalist as well. Many of them spend their time documenting political issues, wars, etc and do some sort of photography on the side that allows them to decompress. Be it street, landscape, or portraiture.

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On The Way Home


Another shot from Paris. I made sure to do a night walk every day I was in Paris. It was something I needed to experiment more with when shooting digitally. When I took this photo my first reaction was it was alright but not great. Over time it started to grow on me. I posted it a while back on Instagram and people seemed to enjoy it. It was also the first time I started experimenting with muted colours

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Mr. Incognito


I remember the day being very warm. Stifling at times. As I was walking down the street this gentleman was heading towards me. Brimmed hat and a light jacket. How he wasn’t boiling is beyond me but it was an image I had to capture. Glad I did. Paris, France (May 2015) Leica M7 + Leica 28mm Summicron-M + Kodak T-Max 400

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Lost in Thought. Lost in Time


What’s on his mind? What’s he thinking about in that moment. In that conversation. I can’t tell but it’s what made me select this photo. London is full of these little hidden moments. A reason I enjoyed shooting there this summer. London, England (July 2015) Leica M9 + Leica 50mm Summilux-M Pre-ASPH (V3)

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Back to Normal… Hopefully

I’ve been neglecting this blog for a while. Not because I don’t have images to display, simply I’ve had zero time. With traveling for work, life on set and the craziness of my normal days I just haven’t had any time. Hopefully that changes now and I should be able to start posting images from Dublin, Chicago, London and more from Toronto. I have a huge backlog, tons of rolls yet to develop and three on-going projects that I

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Experimenting With Filters


It’s always good to try new things, otherwise you’ll stagnate. My brain has been telling me lately to try and experiment with my photography. Try something new. I was browsing a photographer and DP’s work on Instagram (Wanderingdp) and noticed he was using a diopter on some of his work to give it a dreamy or surreal look. Something DP’s experiment with from time to time and I have some experience with diopters and funky filters from our DP

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Tip: How to Focus Quickly On A Rangefinder

Years ago when I first started using a Rangefinder camera, I would constantly fumble with which direction to move the focus ring to line up my patch. Since my brain wasn’t used to manually focusing I would miss a lot of shots. At some point I got fed up and primarily zone focused for a while since I was shooting in broad daylight. F/8 on a 28mm and everything is in focus. This works great on wide angle lenses

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Paris in 72h


Back in May of this year I decided to make a pit stop in Paris for 72h before flying back to Toronto. I’ve been to Paris years before with my wife and that time was reserved for doing your typical touristy stuff. Since we managed to see everything during that trip, this trip was dedicated to wandering the street and snapping pictures. I shot an equal amount this time, on film, and on the M9. This is a first

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